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Reinforcing Bar & Mesh

Reinforcing Bar

Reinforcing Bar & Mesh


We can supply steel reinforcing bar & mesh for a large range of applications.

Multi Purpose Reinforcing Steel Mesh  – Suitable for use in general concrete pavement applications, residential raft slabs and footings and most structural applications.

Ute Steel Mesh – Available in SL62 and SL72 in 4 x 2m sheets, so that builders can legally transport mesh on the back of a ute or other small truck. Ideal for driveways or smaller concreting jobs.

Special Run Steel Mesh – Mesh can be made to fit construction joints with the minimum of wastage, reducing on site labour and speeding construction.

Handi Mesh – Handy for just about any steel mesh application. Galvanised and ranges in size from 2m x 1.2m to 3m x 2.4m.

Mine Mesh – Strata control and ground support mesh solutions for coal and metalliferous mining applications, including standard rib & roof mesh, specially designed rib & roof modules, and goaf modules for longwall changeover.

Rural Steel Meshes – For fencing, gates, and stockyards.

Accessories – We also supply all the accessories such as bar chairs, tie wire, building film, tape, safety caps, expansion joint, key joint plus heaps more.

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