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Rural Products

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Yard Rail

Yard Rail & Rural Steel


There are various types of rural steel. An alternative steel fencing material often used is yard rail (also known as stock, oval or cattle rail). An innovative oval shaped pipe section, using traditional pipe sections as a basis and roller flattening two parallel sides. The advantages of this profile is that not only will the cattle benefit from much less bruising, but when used in a cattle yard panel, there are less rails to be used due to the wider profile. Yard rail is supplied in a Galvanised finish for longer product life and rust protection.

The most common size used is 115x42x2.0 @ 6.1mtr however other sizes are available.

Common uses for Yard rail:

  • Horse Yards / Stock Yards
  • Hand Rails / Safety Barriers
  • Alternative to standard square posts
  • Decorative enough for outdoor seating and furniture

Fitting are also available including top ends, Joiners and Hanger


Primarily used as cattle yard siding, alternative to trailer side rails, tailgates, flat top tray bodies. Other rural applications include sheep pen rails and loading ramp sides, can also be used for rural landscaping and soil preservation. Panels made with 2 humps to give it an elongated ‘W’ in appearance. Conforms to C250 (mildsteel)

• 180 x 1.5 = 2.53 kg/m
• 230 x 1.5 = 3.37 kg/m
• 280 x 1.5 = 3.62 kg/m

Standard Lengths 6.0 metres


Silo Tube is the new standard for grain silo construction. Its unique profile is designed to perfectly conform to the contour of grain silos and can be used in place of RHS in silo base ring sections and support legs.


 Available in a range of sizes and varying condition and quality. An economical alternative for general purpose rural applications.

Most common downgrade is in RHS & Pipe and may be near perfect, but downgraded due to odd lengths, weathering, dents or a different wall thickness to what meets Australian standards.

Our stores often have stocks of varying sizes and lengths which could be a cheaper alternative.

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