Rural Products

Farm Gates

We offer a range of farm gates in varying sizes and quality to suit your needs and budget. From the heavy duty “GI” Gate to a “N” stay gate to an economy “I” stay gate. We can have a gate customized and manufactured to your size and specification.

We manufacture the “GI” Field Gate at our Metaland Gunnedah branch in a range of sizes from 3 foot to a 28 foot gate. Consequently, we can customize this gate and manufacture it to your desired size and specification.


Fence Posts & Caps

We supply and stock a range of fence post solutions from black or gal star posts to black or gal strainer posts and strainer stays to suit all types of rural fencing applications.

  • Heavy and light fence posts available
  • Finish: Black or hot dipped galvanized
  • Available sizes: 45cm, 60cm, 90cm, 135cm, 150cm, 165cm, 180cm, 210cm, and 240cm.

We also supply fence post drivers and lifters.

We stock caps to suit all styles of fence posts, from round steel galvanized caps, galvabond caps to black polypropylene plastic caps and star post caps. The following fence catalogue illustrates our range of caps.


Gate & Fence Fittings

We supply and stock a massive range of gate & fence fittings for rural and domestic applications.


Stock Handling Equipment

We stock a range of portable steel cattle, horse, goat and sheep yard panels, manufactured for different budgets in either first grade material or downgrade steel material and in black or gal product.

We can also supply a range of other steel stock handling equipment such as loading ramps, crushes and vehicle access grids.




Wires & Mesh

We stock and supply a large range of fencing wires and meshes for all types of purposes:


Fence Wire

Available in a range of sizes and lengths, in standard or heavy gal, and soft, medium or high tensile.


Dog Fence

1200mm or 1800mm high, available in medium or heavy duty. The mesh spacing graduates wider from bottom to top.


Barbed Wire

Available in a range of sizes and lengths, from 1.57mm heavy gal high tensile in a 500m roll to a 2.5mm standard gal soft IOWA in a 400m roll.


Acreage Fence

Graduated 2.5mm mesh fence, ideal for long runs


Guard Mesh

Featuring tight mesh construction for vermin proofing at the bottom and widen holes at the top for easy access to branches this mesh is specifically designed to economically protect trees and shrubs.


General Purpose Mesh

Economical Mesh for animal enclosures, cages, fencing, partitions, racks, safety screens, tree guards and window guards.


Hinged Joint

Available in a 2.5mm heavy duty or a 2mm lightweight hinged joint, with high tensile line wires and heavily galvanized bottom line and picket wires. Hinged joint comes in a range of sizes and lengths.


Sheep Yard Mesh

Galvanised mesh used for yarding, sorting prior to sheering and slaughtering. Designed to minimize any injury to sheep and lamb.


Available in a range of sizes, lengths and types, from heavy galvanized rabbit netting to general hardware netting.


Permanent Strainer 

A range of permanent wire strainers are available


Yard Rail & Rural Steel

Made in Australia, this versatile range of steel rail sections and special length squares makes it possible to fabricate almost any livestock handling solution. Galvanised inside and out for corrosion resistance. Clean smooth lines are animal friendly, preventing scratching injuries.


A range of Pipe & RHS sizes manufactured in Australia economically to compete in the domestic, DIY and rural markets. Oztube is perfect for a number of general purpose and light duty applications.

  • Painted and Galvanised finishes available
  • Galvanised sections are Pre Galvanised inside and out using an “in-line” hot-dipped process to meet AS/NZS 4792 ZB100/100
  • Zinc coating mass guaranteed to 100g/m2

W Strap
Primarily used as cattle yard siding, alternative to trailer side rails, tailgates, flat top tray bodies. Other rural applications include sheep pen rails and loading ramp sides, can also be used for rural landscaping and soil preservation. Panels made with 2 humps to give it an elongated ‘W’ in appearance. Conforms to C250 (mildsteel)

• 180 x 1.5 = 2.53 kg/m
• 230 x 1.5 = 3.37 kg/m
• 280 x 1.5 = 3.62 kg/m
Standard Lengths 6.0 metres Black

Duragal Silo Section 
DuraGal® Silo Section is the new standard for grain silo construction. Its unique profile is designed to perfectly conform to the contour of grain silos and can be used in place of RHS in silo base ring sections and support legs.

Downgrade Pipe & RHS 
Available in a range of sizes and varying condition and quality. An economical alternative for general purpose rural applications.


Petrol Driven Star Post Driver

The petrol driven star post driver from BJ Howes | Avro Metaland offers a high quality unit, without the high price tag!
  •  Single Cylinder
  •  Air Cooled 2 Stroke
  •  Weight: 13KG
  •  Pulls Start: 32.7cc
  •  0.9L Fuel Tank
  •  Drive Heads: 49mm & 69mm

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