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Steel Purlins, Girts & Bridging

Steel Purlins

Steel Purlins, Girts and Bridging Products


Both C and Z Steel Purlins are available in various sizes rolled to any length, with the standard stock length being 6.1m. They can be ordered plain or with holes pre-punched.

C sections steel purlins have flanges which are equal in size and are commonly used for simple supported spans. C sections are not able to be lapped together, for continuous spans they are end butted.

Z sections are made with one flange broader than the other. When one purlin is rotated 180deg two sections can be bolted together enabling them to be lapped. Lapping the purlins over interior supports improves the load capacity and rigidity. Z section purlins can also be used like C sections, in the application of simple spans.

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