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Laser Gases

Laser Gases

Laser gases are one of the most commonly used gases. We supply two Coregas laser gas brands, Laspur and Lascut.

The Laspur range contains a wide choice of high purity gas mixtures, pure gases and gas supply systems specifically for industrial lasers. Fundamental to laser gases is quality and through strict cylinder preparation, filling and homogenization by Coregas, we can ensure that quality requirements are met.

The Lascut range provides the right gas mixture for all your cutting needs.

CO2 lasers are the most widely used lasers for materials processing i.e. cutting, welding, and surface treatment. The gases for CO2 lasers normally contain a mixture of helium, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide. Some laser types also require small amounts of CO, H2 or Xe in the laser gas mixture. The composition of the laser gas mixture varies depending on laser type, power and manufacturer. The laser gases are usually delivered in separate gas cylinders or premixed Laspur in a single gas cylinder.

Our BJ Howes and Metaland branches are backed by the expertise of Coregas, a leading manufacturer and supplier of laser gases in Australia. Contact your local BJ Howes or Metaland branch for further information and advice. They can provide solutions, both cost effective and technical for all your applications.

The following is a guide which laser operators can use when troubleshooting problems in the laser process.

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