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Hospitality Gases

Hospitality Gases

Hospitality gases are used in Hotels, Pubs, Motels, Clubs, Sports Clubs and associations, Wineries, the food industry, Florists, Party Hire Shops, for parties and for home brewing, plus many more applications.

We supply a wide variety of hospitality gases to suit all these applications such as:-

  • Nitrogen Food Grade
  • Carbon Dioxide Food Grade
  • Corebrew 30 (30% CO2 / 70% Nitrogen)
  • Corebrew 40 (40% CO2 / 60% Nitrogen)
  • Corebrew 55 (55% CO2 / 45% Nitrogen)
  • Corebrew 75 (75% CO2 / 25% Nitrogen)
  • Helium Balloon Mix

All our branches have Kwik Gas, where you can quickly swap over your 4kg or 9kg LPG BBQ cylinder. We also carry 45kg LPG cylinders for the larger BBQ, outdoor heating or residential needs.

We have local delivery services from each of our branches on a daily basis.

Contact your local BJ Howes or Metaland branch for further information and advice. BJ Howes  and Metaland supply a wide range of hospitality gases for all applications, and can provide solutions, both cost effective and technical for all your applications.

Helium Balloon Gas Inflation Guide (approximate number of balloons inflated per cylinder type)


Cylinder Volume Diametre Of Balloon (cm`s)
Size m3 20cm 25cm 30cm
C 0.53 110 60 35
D 1.7 350 180 105
E 4.2 850 450 255
G 9.1 1800 1000 680
Hospitality Gases
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