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DuraGal Flooring System

DuraGal Flooring System
DuraGal Flooring System
DuraGal Flooring System

DuraGal Flooring


The DuraGal Flooring System is a fully engineered steel flooring system developed to provide a termite resistant, economical and easy to install alternative to conventional timber bearers and joists.

Each floor plan is assessed against certified DuraGal Flooring System span tables. These tables have been developed by InfraBuild Market Mills and certified following a third party engineering review.

Obligation free quotations can be provided for a large range of single story residential applications. We can also assist with layouts for decks and verandahs, plus light industrial and commercial mezzanine flooring system applications.

The benefits of this type of flooring system:

  • Steel is a viable building product. The DuraGal system is fire and corrosion resistant, and has less call backs and imperfections than timber.
  • No additional ant capping is required. Termites cannot eat steel. The GAL140TM piers force the termites to build their mud tunnel around it, thus exposing themselves to an underfloor inspection.
  • Fewer piers are required, due to the significantly larger spans that are achievable, therefore lower footing costs, less site disturbance, less installation time.
  • Less piers create more under floor space.
  • Long lasting and virtually maintenance free. The galvanized finish and end caps ensures a long lasting floor that will not rot, shrink, twist or warp.
  • Easy installation and leveling. The system is modular and can be assembled on site without welding. All connections are either screwed or nailed. The floor can be adjusted after erection, with a few turns of a nut.


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