COVID 19 Customer Check-in

Customer Check-in

Please enter your details below. These details will be held in strict confidence and only used to contact you should a case of COVID-19 affect our store. Thank you for your assistance.
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Over the past few months we have all been learning, adapting and changing the way do things in line with the government and medical expert advise issued.
At all BJ Howes Avro Metaland stores, we introduced the following measures in March 2020 to ensure the safety and well being of our customers and staff.

  • Increasing store sanitization processes
  • Educating our teams and requiring of them good hygiene and regular proper hand washing
  • Communicate awareness around social distancing
  • Monitoring the health of our teams
  • Anyone who is showing any signs or symptoms of illness will seek medical advice immediately and be quarantined away from the business
  • Review updates from local and national authorities to ensure our approach remains current

In addition to this, we have opened up this register that can log the details of customers that come in store, and don’t actually purchase anything. This will help us to ensure that should any of our stores be affected by a case of COVID-19, we can assist in tracking and contacting all customers that could have potentially be exposed.

We appreciate your cooperation as we all navigate through this unprecedented time.

COVID 19 initiatives